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Avoiding Tacky Home Decor

What do you consider tacky home decor? It’s easy to see why Joanna Gaines has her own set of rules and don’t do the same. Here are a few tips to avoid this kind of decor. First, use neutral colors in your room. A dark colored room looks tacky, and a light one is more appropriate for a living room. Second, don’t go overboard with accessories, like a wall clock or a picture frame with a stuffed animal.

Too much white space in a room will make it feel uninviting. Bedrooms are meant to be personal and should reflect the personality of the owner. Avoid using ultra-high watt bulbs in your bedroom, and don’t use dim lamps. In general, you should have at least three sources of lighting in a room. Kitschy decorations are fine during holidays and in children’s rooms, but they can be too overdone in a single room.

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