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Post-Pandemic Marketing Trends for Beginners to Understand Digital Marketing

Well, when it comes to digital marketing, in the recent time we have seen major changes in the digital world and the ways of netizens. Well, ever since the Covid lockdowns, people have adapted to the new lifestyle of making things happen at the comfort of their homes. At first, things seemed difficult but soon people found comfort in the ways and a lot of people never felt like going back to the way they were before the pandemic.

When we talk about the new ways, especially in terms of digital marketing, a lot of things changed. People’s attention span has decreased majorly over the time, from the 2-3 minute videos, people’s attention span has shifted to videos as short as 10 seconds. Besides that, since people are more aware now and laid back, marketers have started associated their products with comfort, being laid back, personalized, and having depth.

VR in Marketing

While this factor depends on the product you are selling, in the recent times we have come across many big brands using VR in their marketing campaigns. Be it a clothing brand, travel firm, furniture brands or jewellery, these brands have started giving customers or potential buyers the chance to virtually try their products before buying them.

We see bitmojis try out clothes, VR room decorating games where you can set actual furniture in your existing room and see how it looks before buying it. Isn’t that amazing? You can literally play room-decorating games, try out real furniture, and decorate your entire room. Some apps and furniture brands even allow you to buy the furniture right there through the app. Same goes for clothing brands, and while only big brands were doing this, this trend is becoming accessible even to the smaller start-ups.


When it comes to digital marketing, it is no more about spamming people with paid ads, and it has been more about understanding and identifying your target audience. Once you have identified your audience, instead of spamming everyone on all social media apps, you can send personalized ads to your potential customers and your target audience.

Brands these days have also started classifying their audience in different categories and then they make different ads for different categories and then run those ads. This helps them gain more audience and also helps them identify which ads worked more for them and who their product attracts the

When personalizing ads, it is best to do it on Instagram as Instagram’s demographic and insights help you understand what works best for you.

Take Note of the Consumer Values

As we discussed, the dynamic and ways of netizens have majorly changed since the past two years and are continuing to change. One thing we noticed in marketing trends as well as people’s preferences is the fact that people go for the brands who care about consumer’s values.

For example, since people are more aware these days, they prefer brands who care about the environment, health of their customers, and are more aware overall about their products. People these days are smart and they prefer brands that are efficient and humane.

Marketing the overall humane aspects of a product will help you build credibility and while there might be plenty of other similar products in the market, what will set you aside is the uniqueness, as well as humanness of your product.

Tell Your Story

Well, storytelling is another aspect that brands and consumers these days get driven to. In the new marketing dynamic we see, brands that are doing better than other brands are those who market their stories.

Just like a film or a story, when you put the story of your brand’s journey, and your connection with the product, it will sell more. Well, all you need to do while marketing the story is tell it in a way that maximum number of people are able to connect with it.

For example, when we see a small business selling curly hair products, one of the business markets the product by telling personal curly person stories and how the product gave them confidence, while another similar brand tells how the products are helpful. While everyone can tell you the benefits of the product, not everyone will have the ability to make you feel related to it. So, the key here is to connect with your audience at a deeper level.

Hook People by Telling Micro Stories

Well, gone is the era when we used to make 2-4 minute long marketing videos. As we discussed, people’s attention span has decreased majorly in today’s time, and in order to catch the attention of your potential customers you need to come with efficient content. You need to come up with content that tells your story within seconds and is able to catch the audience’s attention while also putting across your message masstamilan.

While reels might be tricky at first, once you learn to grab the attention of your audience you will love how fun these short videos can be.

Final Thoughts

Well, to understand and learn about then new digital marketing trends in more depth, you can take online courses that are super reasonable and helpful. To take these courses all you need is a good internet connection, and for that we suggest you to check out RCN Internet Deals. RCN Internet comes with different speed tiers for all kinds of users and the internet is fast as well as reliable. So, if you want to make you learning fast and uninterrupted, get RCN now and enjoy.

When it comes to digital marketing, it has become more personalized, advanced, and since the attention span of users has been too short, there have been major changes in the marketing trends in the past few years. Well, following these few trends will be helpful for you if you are a marketer. We hope this information was helpful for you.

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