When Do You Have A Valid Slip And Fall Case?

There have been instances when people have slipped on the property of someone else and received massive injuries. When someone invites you on his or her property, it is his duty to inform you if it is broken or damaged. In case, you were injured because of this, the property owner has to pay you the compensation. To do so, you should hire a personal injury lawyer to get legal advice throughout the case. However, obtaining compensation is not easy and your claim may get rejected if the circumstances are not favorable. Some of the important scenarios are:

Was the property unsafe?

It is important to know if the property is unsafe to be used. There might be temporary or permanent conditions such as slippery or wet floors, accumulation of snow, broken floor tiles, broken stairs and others. You will have to prove that the property was not safe for people and the owner still invited you. In case, you were injured in a restaurant because of the slippery floor, you can file a lawsuit against the restaurant.

Did the property owner know the condition?

If the person got injured before the property owner could do anything, he may not be liable to pay the expenses. For instance, if a child in a grocery store dropped the liquid and a person immediately slipped, the storeowner doesn’t need to pay because he was not aware of the condition of the store.

Putting up the warning sign

In case, the cleaning process is ongoing, the property owner needs to place the sign so that visitors know about the work and may become a bit more careful. If he fails to do so, he will have to pay the expenses. Likewise, if the construction work is going on and you still visit the place, the property owner will not be liable to pay you the expenses. In case, he has not placed any warning signs, he will have to bear all your losses.

Some considerations

If you have visited a property and can clearly see the damaged property, the property owner will not have to pay for the injuries you receive. For instance, if there is a pit hole that is visible in the middle of the road, you may not be able to get compensation.

You should contact a talented slip and fall attorney if you have been injured in any of these scenarios. He will check the validity of the case. 

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