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Which Major Social Media Site Will Go Away First?

Which major social media site will go away first? We’ve already seen Facebook, MySpace, and Google+ go away – but which ones will follow? Facebook and Twitter both have the same user base, but it’s not clear which one will become irrelevant first. But in a way, they’re all the same. They started out as promising companies that eventually lost their way. However, in the last year, they’ve been shooting themselves in the foot. Sadly, they’ve continued to make mistakes since they’ve launched

Google+ launched in 2011, but failed to compete with Facebook. Google+ isn’t just a social network. It also gives you access to other Google applications, including Gmail and Drive. This makes it a better choice for marketers than any other social media site. But it may be the most difficult one to predict. Fortunately, it’s still possible to make money on social media. Unlike the past, however, Facebook and Twitter are free and open to everyone.

Facebook’s popularity will be measured in generations. Although Myspace and Snapchat came before Facebook, it has the most users. And its users generate almost 100 billion dollars a year. But which major social media site will go offline first? If Facebook continues to grow as it has, it may not matter whether it’s the first to go away. There are some alternative social networks that might be better suited for the future

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