Why Are Mental Health Issues So Common Nowadays?

Today, an estimated 19% of the population experiences a mental illness, and about 46% of adolescents suffer from some kind of mental health problem. It’s possible that you’ll work, teach, or live next door to someone who struggles with mental health. Sadly, nearly half of those with mental health problems do not receive treatment because of the stigma associated with the problem. However, the consequences of untreated mental illnesses are high, including higher medical bills, decreased performance at school or work, diminished employment opportunities, and increased risks of suicide. dumpor

Although the number of F95forum mental health problems is increasing, women are more likely to experience mental health problems. An estimated 47% of women and 38% of men reported symptoms of anxiety or depression in December 2020. The same report also indicated that more than one-third of women are considering leaving their jobs, with many citing burnout and household responsibilities as the primary reasons for doing so. But, the question is: Why are mental health problems so common nowadays?

Because of the negative stigma, many people with mental health issues may hide their feelings for fear of triggering reactions from others. In addition to the social stigma associated with mental health conditions, many people experience feelings of distress without a diagnosis. Despite this, they may still struggle to cope with the day-to-day routine. The problem with this mental illness is that it can lead to a life full of anxiety and depression, which can have devastating effects on a person’s ttactics quality of life.

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