Why is it Hard for College Students to Get a Good Education?

The problem is that college students often adopt the same strategies and approaches they used in high school. Unfortunately, they don’t have access to the same alternative methods of learning. As a result, many professors have gone through several boxes of tissues to explain why these strategies didn’t work in high school. In the process, they gain insight into the problem and optimism about the future. This article explains some of the reasons why college students find it difficult to get a good education.

Good students are the largest student cohort but are usually overlooked by colleges and instead lumped into a smaller “at-risk” population. Despite their studious habits, these students often have test grades that are consistent with those of their academically weaker peers. Often referred to as “great learners”, they are not identified as such and are often mislabeled. However, their lack of attention is often a symptom of deeper underlying issues that go beyond their grades.

The world of work has shifted. Many jobs require post-secondary education and skills. Many high-paying careers are dependent on post-secondary training, making college graduates more valuable. Historically, college graduates often spent their early years hopping from job to job. This is one of the main reasons employers are reluctant to invest in them. The result is that high-demand careers, such as engineering and science, are less likely to be filled by people with less educational background.

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