Why Should You Use Spotify?

There are many great reasons to use Spotify. From listening to new music to discovering old favourites, the app has something for everyone. You can search for new songs in a particular genre or category, or create your own playlist. Creating playlists is simple; just choose a name for your list and click “create”. If you’re looking for some 80s rock, Spotify will suggest artists from the 1980s. This makes it easy to find new music to listen to.

Premium users have the advantage of downloading up to 10,000 songs without worrying about data usage. They can also use the subscription on as many devices as they like. To download an individual song, select the Download icon and then tap the downward arrow. Once the song has finished downloading, you’ll see a green downward arrow next to it. To delete a downloaded song, tap the Download icon again to start listening. Spotify will automatically remove any downloaded content after 30 days.

When Spotify started, it provided a legal alternative to downloading music and paying iTunes fees. In return for these services, Spotify pays a significant percentage of its revenue to music labels. In fact, since its launch in 2006, it has paid out close to $10 billion to the music industry. It has also disrupted Apple’s iTunes and accelerated the transition from paid song downloads to streaming. Today, Spotify is profitable and continues to add features to its service.

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